How To

  • Slip on their poncho in a number of styles - depending on weather, age or mood:

    Wrap them up snug

    Wrap them up snug as though in a cocoon, from the earliest days in warmth and comfort.

    Side corners can be buttoned up

    Side corners can be buttoned up to allow hands to play freely or dropped back down to keep out the cold.

    Tassels are interchangeable

    Tassels are interchangeable with a fast, safe and simple "popper system" (see How to switch your tassels), in an ever growing number of colours to choose (see Tassel Drawer).
  • At Lallee we have devised a unique system for decorative tassels to fasten into the poncho's collar giving the impression of a traditional drawstring, but addressing safety hazards surrounding drawstrings in infant garments.

    With this, all Lallee ponchos remain stylish and safe with our signature practical chic. 

    To switch your tassels, simply turn out the opening of your poncho's collar on either side, and peel off each tassel popper with care. Your new pair of tassels is ready to pop on the same way, gently folding the collar back over the tassel "popper-knot" so as to conceal the seamless trick!

  • Look after your poncho and it will look after you. Handle it with care and it will last for generations of little shoulders.

    Before washing your poncho, pop its tassels out - these should be washed separately to avoid damage.

    Hand wash in cold water and lie flat to dry, ideally on a towel. Smooth out the sides with your hands so that the poncho dries in its original dimensions and to stop borders curling.

    Note about washing machines:
    At Lallee we have washed our ponchos (with tassels separate) in the hand-wash, delicates, low spin, cold cycle of our washing machine - and in delicates washing bags. Then lay them to dry as above. However we cannot take any responsibility for machine washing instruction.