How do Lallee Ponchos size?

Lallee Ponchos are designed to fit newborns through children 8 years of age with an original adaptable system. See here for more details on our unique one size design.

How do I convert my Lallee from baby wrap to poncho?

Two corners of every poncho are designed with slits to button up thereby shortening the ponchos to arm length and allowing small hands to move freely when arms are still too short. The slits go under the poncho and attach to buttons fixed on the inside of the neckline. Go to our How To page for more detailed instructions

How should my poncho be washed?

Tassels should be removed and washed separately (simply peel open the collar hole and gently pop out the tassel from its stud fastener without pulling at the wool). Hand wash your poncho in cold water or on a machine’s delicate, cold-wash cycle*. Ponchos should be laid out flat to dry. Go to our care instructions page for more details.

*At Lallee we have washed our ponchos (with tassels separate) in the hand-wash, delicates, low spin, cold cycle of our washing machine - and in delicates washing bags. Then lay them to dry as above. However we cannot take any responsibility for machine washing instruction.

Can my poncho be tumble dried?

As Lallee ponchos are made from 100% baby alpaca wool, we do not recommend tumble trying. Always lie flat to dry to restore shape and avoid matted fibres.

Do you make ponchos for age 8+?

We are in the process of launching two further sizes: 8-10 and 10-12. These should be launched in Spring of 2017. Please email us if you would be interested in pre-orders: contact@lallee.com

Are matching mummy ponchos available?

Presently, our poncho collection only includes Lallee’s original, one-size from newborn to 8 years, with two bigger children’s sizes coming soon. But we are working our way towards launching a Mummy Poncho range in the very near future! Please email us at contact@lallee.com if you would be interested in a mummy version so we can keep you updated!

What is Lallee’s return policy?

For all of our products, Lallee follows a 14 day return policy. The full amount paid will be credited if items are returned within 14 days of the ship date. We do not cover return shipping costs unless the item is faulty. — More information

What are the benefits of using baby alpaca wool?

We understand how delicate children’s skin is. That’s why our products are made from 100% ethically sourced baby alpaca wool. Its hollow core fibres allow for breathability (more so than cashmere) yet provide incredible warmth and are soft to the touch. Alpaca wool is environmentally sound and lanolin-free, making it hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin.

Do you plan on creating a cashmere line too?

Having studied the question at length, we can confirm that Lallee will not be offering a cashmere range and the answer for this is simple. Baby alpaca is a more breathable, yet just as soft, yarn than cashmere. It is better adapted to highly sensitive (eczema-prone) skin with its hypoallergenic properties and an easier wool to wash as the fibres are more sturdy in nature. Baby Alpaca, although a luxury yarn in its own right, also allows for us to keep our prices at a more accessible level than its cashmere counterpart would do - and yet with better gain for a child's wellbeing. Finally, at Lallee we have made a pledge towards ethical and sustainable clothing. Cashmere is, simply put, environmentally catastrophic*.

*Source: https://qz.com/207489/why-your-next-sweater-should-be-alpaca-not-cashmere/

Where can I find out more about Lallee’s new products and sale events?

Continue checking lallee.com for new ponchos and accessories. Follow @lallee_ponchos on Instagram for daily smiles, inspiration & Lallee-loving!

Do you ship internationally?

Although our online store only offers European shipping as default, we do ship worldwide on request. Please get in touch for any further questions regarding global shipping costs.

Are bespoke options available?

Any colour from our tassel drawer can be ordered as bespoke, stock allowing! Simply email us at contact@lallee.com for any request and we will do our utmost to create the perfect poncho for you!

How can I be sure of screen colours matching the real thing?

While we strive to capture the most accurate colours of our products, differing computer monitors and image lighting present the chance of slightly altered hues. If you are unsure of a colour, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.