About Lallee

Our story

Our story is your story:

You struggled to thread the needle of a baby's hand through a coat sleeve without breaking any fingers.

You've battled to get the coat on quick enough to avoid an impending meltdown. You folded blankets around your baby in the street with one hand while pushing a pram or holding a sibling's hand.

You've taken one too many get-ready-NOW challenges with toddlers who know best. And met with one too many jackets that won't fit bags when they hit back with “I'm too hot”.

You know how it feels. We do too.

We took a traditional, trusted piece of clothing. We sourced only natural, breathable fibres. And we spun them together with a twist of style and a whole lot of parental experience.

From pram to playground; when resting when running; from popping to the shops to hopping on a plane. Lallee ponchos provide a simple, elegant, timeless solution.

One poncho fits most ages; One poncho fits most weathers; and everyone can make it their own.

Our name

My grandmother's name was Aline. I could not pronounce that when I was little, so to me she quickly became "Lally". Lally always wore beautiful draping woollen shawls - not the embroidered type, just one big warm monochrome wool or cashmere blanket sweeping around and over her shoulder. The one I remember most of all was of a deep burgundy colour. She wears it in my favourite photo of us walking down the street together, I am about three.

I adored her and we were very close. She was timelessly elegant; so graceful and forever dressed in such effortless - comfortable - style.

When I began to think about children's ponchos, I wanted to capture those same qualities. It followed that I should name all this after her.

The other everythings of my life, and little muses, are my children: Aline, Eloise, Elliot. And so, with their initials in mind, my "Lally" became your "Lallee"

Our roots

My origins range from French to Belgian, Russian, Austrian and English. I first lived in America, then moved back to Switzerland (where I was born) and grew up there until I moved to study at Oxford University, where I met my husband. Upon graduating, I took a British Museum diploma in Asian arts, in London, before ultimately pursuing a career in the development of children's websites and creating a children's art through art history course which I taught. Soon after, I gave birth to my three wonderful children: Eloise, Aline, Elliot. 

The idea for Lallee Ponchos began with Eloise - as a thing I wanted and simply couldn't find. It took four years of development and thought, through to the early months just after my son Elliot was born when I finally decided to make this "thing" come true.

It was the inevitable combination of a multicultural background, a passion for children, a love for art, an urge to keep creative and the first-hand experience as a mother that culminated in the conception of Lallee Ponchos. 

I hope these come to wrap many little hearts with a warm smile. 

x x x